~Things I Can Assist With~

*Love and Relationships






*Anxiety and Depression


*Life Purpose


*Issues Relating to the Past


*Goals and Manifestations


*Natural Medicines

*Herbal Supplements





*Paranormal Phenomena


*Psychic Experiences


*Interpreting Psychic Experiences


*Soul Plan


*Guidance from Spirit


*Connecting to Spirit Guides




*House Cleanses

*Honing Intuitive Abilities


We all need a little healing and guidance sometimes. Healing can take on many forms whether it's counseling, life coaching, diet changes, lifestyle re-vamping, herbal supplements, workshops, a push in the right direction and so much more! We all need healing in different stages of our lives. My job is to facilitate that healing and show you the greatness that resides within all of us. And within that inner awakening, the path to infinite possibilities opens up which is the doorway to being the best version of yourself and creating a life that is worth living.

My approach is non-judgemental. I have been through it all or know someone who has. My goal is to teach you how to overcome your struggles so that if they come back, you will have the tools you need to assist yourself on a daily basis if needed. Healing is more powerful and long-lasting when it comes from the self.

Tools I Use


*Life Coaching


*Health Assessment

*Food Therapy

*Traditional Chinese Medicine

*Crystal Therapy


*Intuitive Abilities

*Feng Shui

*Health and Wellness Schedules

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